coconut oil in soap making

Coconut Oil in Soap Making

In the process of soap making, the use of coconut oil is very common as the base oil. There is actually a reason why it...

lip balm with coconut oil, coconut oil in lip balm

Lip Balm with Coconut Oil

What is the Formula of Natural Lip Balm? What Oils are Best for Making Lip Balm? What Type of Coconut Oil is Used in Lip...

coconut oil in ice cream

Coconut Oil in Ice Cream: FAQ

Coconut oil has many uses, including in ice cream making. Using coconut oil in our ice cream recipe is perfect for dairy alternatives. So, how...

Virgin Coconut Oil: From Tree to Pharma

What is Virgin Coconut Oil? Virgin Coconut Oil Phytonutrient Content VCO vs RBD Coconut Oil Virgin coconut oil fat content How to make virgin coconut...

coconut oil in 3D printed meat industry (oilcocos.com)

Coconut Oil in 3D Printed Meat Industry

What is 3D Printed Meat? 3D Printed Meat Industry Growth Ingredients of Plant-Based 3D Printed Meat 1. Lab-grown meat cells 2. Meat byproducts 3. Plant-based...

coconut oil industry

Coconut Oil Industry: 2022 and Beyond

Coconut oil industry is continuously growing. Its versatility plays a part, but the oil’s increasing popularity through numerous health benefit claims also helps. Use of...

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