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RBD Coconut Oil

Made of dried coconut meat. Also known as fractionated coconut oil, RBD coconut oil went through refinement, bleaching, and deodorization process. To do this, coconut oil manufacturers subject the oil to heat and chemical processing. Tasteless and odorless, RBD coconut oil is commonly used as cooking oil and as raw material for food and cosmetic industries.

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Virgin Coconut Oil

Extracted without heating, chemical additives, or preservatives. Our VCO is 100% natural, unbleached, unrefined, and cold-pressed. The oil is clear colored and retains light coconut aroma and flavor. It contains healthy fatty acids and antioxidants, therefore perfect for direct consumption, salad dressing, sauteing, essential oil, also hair and skin care.

Packaging Options

for Bulk RBD & Virgin Coconut Oil

Let us know your preferred coconut oil packaging

Steel Drum

Steel drums are bulk RBD coconut oil manufacturers traditional packaging option. The most commonly used steel drum capacity is 200 litres or 180 kg. One 20' container can fit 80 drums.

Plastic Drum

Alternatively, bulk RBD coconut oil may be transported in plastic drums (200 litres or 180 kg). Plastic drum costs less than steel drum, making it an attractive choice for coconut oil purchasers.


Jerrycan packaging offers benefits that drums don't. Jerrycans are easier to carry. Moreover, it would be easier to preserve the rest of your oil stock from contamination. Jerrycans are available in 5 and 20 litres capacity.


With a capacity of 21.5 metric tons per 20' container, flexi-bag is the most cost-effective option if your business require large amount of RBD coconut oil. Flexi-bag will expand to fully utilize the space within the container.

BIB (Bag-in-Box)

A flexible packaging that allows you to utilize container space while still relatively easier to transport than flexi-bag. The coconut oil will be packed in HDPE bag, which in turn is packed into a cardboard box. BIB has a drain that makes it easy for you to draw out its content.

IBC Tote & Paper IBC

Intermediate Bulk Containers are cube-shaped, therefore more space-efficient compared to round-shaped drums. Like Flexi-bag and BIB, IBC also has a drain at the bottom to extract your coconut oil. One 20' container can fit 18 IBC totes or 20 paper IBCs.

Packaging Options

for OEM Private Label Purchase

Design your own coconut oil label and we will be your coconut oil manufacturer


A great choice for coconut oil beauty products. You can choose either glass jar or plastic jar.


Elegant and sleek, a slim bottle may convey your upscale virgin coconut oil brand.


Looking to sell your own coconut cooking oil brand? These jerrycan might be the right options for you.


Standing pouch is perfect to sell your cooking oil brand's refill. Available in 1000 ml and 2000 ml sizes.

Can (4 Litres)

A larger packaging option for your coconut oil brand.

Can (17 Litres)

The largest packaging option for your coconut oil brand.


Top Coconut Oil Supplier Indonesia

ISO 22000: 2018

International food safety management systems


Issued by The Indonesian Council of Ulama

BPOM Listed

Approved by Indonesian Government’s Food and Drug Agency

Certificate of Analysis

Thorough laboratory assesment of our coconut oil quality

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About Our Company

Despite being the world’s leading coconut producer, Indonesia is still the second largest coconut oil manufacturer.

Needless to say, Indonesian coconut oil industry has yet to reach its full potential.

To reach this goal, our Company (PT Inca Global Askara) is determined to provide worldwide access to the best Indonesian coconut oil supply. We strive to be the most reliable RBD and virgin coconut oil supplier Indonesia.  

Taking our local coconut oil global and supplying our international clients with quality coconut oil is our contributions to improve farmers’ livelihood and to global market growth. 

RBD & Virgin Coconut Oil Supplier Indonesia

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